National and International Direct Accounts Dealer for ICI Scientific

Laboratory Builders Inc. Sustainability Statement

As a leading force in the lab design industry, Laboratory Builders Inc. has a responsibility to recognize the impact the furniture we supply has on a lab space and the environment. Our goal is to provide versatile yet sustainable products that meet the highest standard of durability and function. In partnership with INSTOCK Labs Inc., Laboratory Builders Inc. upholds this practice to effectively manage environmental and social demands of business to ensure ethical and ongoing success.

Wood Furniture

  • FSCĀ® Certified Wood
  • Carb-2 compliant, Low emitting urea formaldehyde
  • Optional Steel Drawers & Shelves
  • Eco-friendly, Low *VOC Flat-Line Finishes

Steel Casework

  • Minimum 25% post-consumer recycled steel content
  • Eco-friendly, Low *VOC Powder Coat Finishes
  • Recyclable After Lifetime of Use

Fume Hoods

  • High Performance
  • Low Volume/Low Velocity
  • Energy Efficient
  • VAV & Sash Management Systems

*VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are harmful chemicals carbon-containing substances that vaporize at room temperature and enter the atmosphere.